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Types of Notarial Certification / Documents

Our Notaries can deal with the following types of notarial certification and documents for individuals and for companies:

  • Powers of Attorney for worldwide use

    • Normally the document will be drawn up by your lawyer or notary in the relevant overseas jurisdiction, and this is what we recommend.We cannot generally advise on foreign law. If you require us to prepare a Power of Attorney for your use then we will do so and prepare a standard form document for you, but this is fully at your own risk. If the document is then unacceptable to the receiving jurisdiction then you will of course incur additional expense, as well as delay, in asking either us, or an overseas lawyer to draw up another document, so it is best to get it right the first time.

  • Statutory Declarations / Affidavits, Sworn Statements, and Depositions for use at home and abroad

    • A Statutory Declaration is a legal document, and is used to provide documentary evidence used to prove something to be true for the purposes of satisfying a legal requirement or regulation, where no other evidence is available. An Affidavit is a very similar document. It is a sworn document, and is often used in legal proceedings. We can prepare the Statutory Declaration and Affidavit for you and therewith notarise them for you.

  • Notarising Private Agreements for Worldwide use, including use in the UK.
  • Certified Translations
  • HM Land Registry Identification Documentation (ID 1 and ID 2 forms) and Certification of ID Documents
  • Notarising Property Documents for worldwide use
  • Fingerprinting confirmation
  • Certifying Doctors and Dentists Examination Certificates
  • In respect of lost Passports & Birth Certificates
  • Change of Name Deed preparation and Notarisation
  • Certified Copies of Documents for worldwide use
  • Permission/Consent for Children to Travel with a lone Parent
  • Retirement Life Certificates
  • Notarising Adoption Papers and Verifications
  • Notarising Certificates as to Residency
  • Immigration Support Documentation
  • Sponsorship declaration

    • Many Indian/Pakistani authorities are used to seeing the signature and seal of a Notary Public, and want the reassurance that the details on the Sponsorship Declaration have been properly checked. Our Notaries/Notaries Public can deal with such sponsorship declarations for you. The Notary will need to see all of the following original documents:
      1. Passport;
      2. UK driving licence to confirm address (or original and recent (i.e. less than 3 months old) utility bill or bank statement with name and address);
      3. Evidence of occupation stated – i.e. payslips, employment contract, pension book, accounts – which states occupation;
      4. Evidence of earnings stated – i.e. payslips, employment contract, pension book, accounts, tax return, letter from accountant – which verifies earnings figure stated;
      5. Bank statement from relevant bank verifying figures stated; and
      6. Title deeds or other evidence verifying ownership of property

      Please ask for a blank Sponsorship Declaration form.

  • University Certificate and School Qualification Verifications

    • Firstly, the Notary can simply photocopy each certificate and prepare a notarial certificate to state:-
      1. That the original educational certificate(s) have been produced to him or her by the Appearer on the date in question
      2. The Notary has verified the identity of the Appearer.
      3. That the Notary has seen the original of such certificate(s), but that the Notary has not verified that the certificate(s) are genuine.
      4. Or secondly, if the receiving jurisdiction requires that the Notary verifies that the certificates are genuine then he or she can do this. We will need to write to/contact each organisation that issued the certificate
      5. and obtain their written confirmation that the certificate is genuine. The educational establishment, or examination body, often require specific forms to be completed and signed by the client with a payment of their fee. The process varies from organisation to organisation. This type of certification can sometimes take several weeks to complete (depending on the number of certificates, and formalities required by the organisation). We have to charge for such work on a time spent basis at the hourly rate of our Notary.

  • Overseas Car Purchases and Sales Documentation
  • Passport Photos and True Likeness Certificates
  • Certified copies of a Passports
  • Certification of the due execution of Company Powers of Attorney
  • Providing Notarisation of Certificates of Incorporation and Memorandum & Articles of Association for UK Companies
  • Certificates of Good Standing of Corporations
  • Certification of Identity of Directors, Secretaries and other Corporate Officers
  • Certification of due execution of Commercial Contracts for worldwide use
  • Providing Certified Copies of Company Resolutions, Minutes, Reports and other Company Documents
  • Commissioner for Oaths Services