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Anthony Northey & Ian Codrington
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Established 1905
Notaries / Notaries Public / Notarial Lawyers

As a result of recent research, we have ascertained that our Notarial Practice has been providing Notarial Services in Bedfordshire for well over 100 years. Our Notarial practice can, in fact, be traced all the way back to 1905, when the late Alfred Tresawna Trethewy was granted a Notarial Faculty. The history of the Notarial practice is best illustrated as follows:-


Alfred Tresawna Trethewy
Faculty issued 12th July 1905
Date of Death 28th February 1929






William Llewellyn Jones
Faculty issued 9th August 1929
Date of Death 3rd March 1955






Leonard John Aylett
Faculty issued 5th May 1955
Date of Death 2nd October 1988



William Sydney Northey              
Faculty issued 18th January 1966
President of the Notaries Society of
England and Wales
1990  - 1992
Date of Death 8th January 2011

Thomas Arthur Barden                
Faculty issued
25th January 1980                          

Stephen Hugh Cook
Faculty issued                 
 25th July 1985






Our current Notaries Public/Notaries



Ian Charles Codrington
Faculty issued
11th July 1974



Anthony William Northey
Faculty issued
22nd January 1978
President of
The Notaries Society
of England and Wales
2009 - 2011